Biden reduces US role in Saudi war on Yemen, but leaves room to continue crisis

A massive humanitarian crisis and Houthi-led resistance forced President Joe Biden to change course on Yemen. But that won’t stop the US and Saudi Arabia from trying to impose imperial terms on the Yemeni people, scholar and author Isa Blumi says.

President Biden has taken important steps to reduce the US role in the war on Yemen, while still leaving room to continue supporting the Saudi-led campaign and imposing its terms on the Yemeni people. Isa Blumi, associate professor at Stockholm University and author of “Destroying Yemen”, discusses Biden’s change of course and whether it’s enough to end the world’s worst humanitarian crisis.

Guest: Isa Blumi. Associate Professor at Stockholm University and author of Destroying Yemen: What Chaos in Arabia Tells Us about the World. Twitter: @IsaBlumi


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