Julian Assange

Julian Assange’s fiancée Stella Moris on dangers of US extradition case

Max Blumenthal and Ben Norton speak with Stella Moris, the fiancée of imprisoned WikiLeaks journalist Julian Assange, about the appeal hearings in the US extradition case and how it threatens freedom of the press around the world.

The case against Assange “has fallen apart, and now we just see this – Julian’s brother called it as a zombie case – it’s in the legal process, so it just trundles along through the courts, but it has no substance to it. And it never did in fact,” Moris says.

“The US took an unprecedented move, under the Trump administration, to use the Espionage Act for the first time against a publisher for publishing true information to the public,” she continued. “And they’re doing it under the rubric of the Espionage Act, but he’s not actually accused of espionage, as we usually understand it.”

Moris added: “Espionage is when you secretly take government information and channel it to a foreign power in secret to benefit that power. Julian did the opposite: he received information from a journalistic source, and he published it to the public.”

“And this was important information, information that was of historical, legal, political importance, and that had an extraordinary impact. And for that Julian was awarded the the highest prizes journalism has globally.”

You can listen to and download an audio version of this interview below:

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