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Are Jeffrey Epstein’s secrets buried with him?

The prison death of convicted pedophile and financier Jeffrey Epstein raises concerns that the mysteries surrounding his case — including whether he worked with US intelligence, who his criminal accomplices were, and whether anyone will be held to account for his crimes — will be resolved.

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Russiagate skeptics are vindicated, but conspiracy theorists are rewarded (w/ Glenn Greenwald)

Glenn Greenwald on Robert Mueller’s disappearance; how Andrew McCabe has become the latest former U.S. intelligence official to join either CNN and MSNBC; and the absence of accountability for those behind the “moronic, irrational, baseless, conspiracist narrative” of Donald Trump as a Russian asset.

Trump’s intel shake-up reveals lingering tensions

With the resignation of Director of National Intelligence Dan Coats and the withdrawal of President Trump’s chosen replacement, Rep. John Ratcliffe, tensions between the White House and intelligence community officials are again on display.

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