Israel bombs Iraq, escalating violence targeting Iran

An Israeli bombing of a weapons depot allegedly used by Iran is the first Israeli strike on Iraq in nearly forty years and a major escalation of Israel’s campaign against Tehran. The attack also underscores how Israeli violence on its neighbors has been normalized, As’ad AbuKhalil argues.

Guest: As’ad AbuKhalil, professor of political science at California State University Stanislaus.

Israel has reportedly carried out military strikes in Iraq. US officials tell the New York Times that Israel bombed a weapons depot that was allegedly being used by Iran to move weapons to Syria.

This will be the first time Israel has bombed Iraq in nearly four decades, and a major escalation of Israel’s campaign against Iran.

Asad AbuKhalil is a professor of political science at California State University.

“Well it’s really not surprising. I mean I am old enough — I’m 59 years old — in my own lifetime Israel has bombed Tunisia, Egypt, Iraq, Syria, Lebanon, Jordan, Palestine, and it has also downed a Libyan civilian airliner,” AbuKhalil said.

“So the story of Israeli covert and overt destruction and terrorism in the Mideast region is a very old story. The only surprising thing about it is that how little coverage it gets here in the United States.”

I mean this is the fourth or fifth time Israel has bombed targets inside Iraq, and the American media treats it with such disregard or yawn even,” AbuKhalil continued.

“And I think what is also shameful is that the Iraqi sectarian government, which is still beholden to the American occupation — I mean American occupiers in Iraq are still roaming the place, bombing and flying, without any knowledge of the Iraqi government.”

“Even today the Iraqi government admits that America flies in Iraq without notification to the Iraqi government.”