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Pushback: Aaron Maté and Ben Norton discuss Syria war, US withdrawal, Turkish invasion

The Grayzone hosted its first YouTube livestream of Pushback with Aaron Maté, featuring Ben Norton. We discussed the Syria war, the withdrawal of US troops, and the Turkish invasion.

Show notes and links

Syria map used in the discussion:

Video of Syrian Kurds celebrating in Qamishli and Hasaka:

Jenan Moussa:

Mutlu Civiroglu:

Regime-changers like Danny Gold are back-tracking after embedding with Takfiri “rebels”:

Elizabeth Tsurkov freaks out about her jihadi pen pals:

ShamiWitness: How Bellingcat and neocons collaborated with most influential ISIS propagandist on Twitter, by Mark Ames

ShamiWitness: How Bellingcat and neocons collaborated with ISIS’ most influential propagandist on Twitter

White Helmets helped Turkey ethnically cleanse Afrin:

History of Kurds in Syria, Syrian-Kurdish relations, interview with Kurdish journalist Ali Ornek:

The Complex History and Relations of the Kurdish YPG, Syria, and US

Video of journalists leaving Syria:

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