US refuses to extradite CIA agent who killed UK teen Harry Dunn

As the US government hunts Julian Assange, it refuses to extradite a CIA agent who killed UK teen Harry Dunn in a road incident.

The British Home Office has sought the extradition from the US of an American citizen for a road collision that killed 19-year old British citizen Harry Dunn in August 2019. The American driver of the car that killed Dunn is Anne Sacoolas. The US government claimed she had diplomatic immunity because she was the wife of a US diplomat working in the UK at a nearby US military base. Sacoolas fled the UK on a US military plane in September, and the US has fought her extradition since. But recently a new twist emerged. Sacoolas was not the wife of a diplomat, as the US claimed, but in fact,  a CIA operative. Dunn’s family is voicing outrage, saying that they were lied to by both the US and British governments.

Guest: Radd Seiger, spokesperson for Harry Dunn’s family.