Notorious American-Israeli settler Yaakov Fauci isn’t a forex fraudster – he’s just a longtime Jewish terror group activist

One Justin C Fauci bilked investors around the world of $100 million; another New Yorker with the exact same name immigrated to Israel, joined the terrorist Kahane movement, and gained infamy colonizing Sheikh Jarrah.

Editor’s note: An article on Justin C. Fauci originally published at Hamzah Raza’s Substack contained erroneous information about Fauci’s identity. Following our own investigation into Fauci’s record, The Grayzone has removed its republication of Raza’s article and replaced it with the following report by David Sheen, which contains new details about the Israeli home thief’s past. We regret the error and will continue to strive for accuracy. 

A June 8 article published on Hamzah Raza’s Substack revealed new information about Yaakov Fauci, a US citizen who immigrated to Israel and has been squatting in a Palestinian familys East Jerusalem home for the past decade. Fauci first achieved internet notoriety in recent months due to a viral video of him telling members of the elKurd family, whose property he occupies, that If I dont steal it, someone else is gonna steal it.”

Raza correctly noted that Fauci went by the name Justin while in the US, and that he attended East Meadow High School in Long Island, New York. A photo of Justin C Fauci in the schools 1997 yearbook bears a striking resemblance to the portly settlers present-day appearance.

High school graduation photo of Justin Yaakov Fauci

Razas article then noted that twenty years ago, a man named Justin C Fauci was charged in New York with committing foreign exchange fraud and bilking investors of approximately $100 million, suggesting that the Justin C Fauci squatting in the El-Kurd home is the same man, and that he may have been incarcerated in the US for this crime.

Intrigued by the suggestion, I investigated the charge, reading through hundreds of pages of US court documents and interviewing subjects all over the world – in North America, New Zealand, Australia and the Middle East – who were the unwitting victims in Faucis colossal forex fraud. After thorough consideration, I can state with certainty that the two Justin C. Faucis are different individuals.

Fauci, the forex fraudster, had a daughter and a wife, who later divorced him. US government documents show that he was, in fact, convicted of three felony charges and then sentenced to jail for eight years, which he served from 2004 to 2011. While incarcerated, he turned to a Roman Catholic priest for spiritual support, not a Jewish rabbi. Furthermore, he is a decade older than the Fauci who immigrated to Israel.

Whats more, one of the photographs chosen to illustrate Razas text – un-captioned but implied to be of Fauci the immigrant to Israel – actually portrays US writer Charlie Connell sporting a fake tattoo on his forehead with the name Trump”. The photograph was first published as an April foolsjoke in 2016 by Inked Magazine. Yaakov Fauci uploaded the photo to his Facebook feed out of amusement, because he and Connell share a passing resemblance.

As I revealed in The Grayzone last month – and as Yaakov Fauci explained himself in an YouTube interview published some days later – upon immigrating to Israel, he joined up with the Kahane movement, the most racist and most murderous Jewish political movement of the last half-century.

Named after the late American-Israeli Rabbi Meir Kahane, the movement has inspired the murders of over sixty Palestinian civilians, consistently pushing the entire Israeli political spectrum closer to Kahanes avowed goal of ethnically cleansing Palestinians and other non-Jews from all land that Israel controls, and turning these territories into a Jewish theocracy.

In 2005, after four local townsfolk in the northern town of Shefa Amr were murdered by a Kahanist terrorist, Fauci responded by trolling Palestinian citizens of Israel. Together with Kahanist activists, he plastered the town with posters praising the bloodshed, featuring a photograph of the killer happily holding up a book authored by Kahane.

The following year, Fauci was photographed at a rally in Jaffa, just south of Tel Aviv, demonstrating with lawmaker Michael Kleiner, Meir Kahanes right hand man Baruch Marzel, and Itamar Ben Gvir, now the leader of the Kahanist Jewish Power party and a member of the Israeli parliament.

Justin Yaakov Fauci rallies with Michael Kleiner and other Kahanist activists in Jaffa, March 26, 2006.

On March 23, 2006, Kleiner and his coterie of Kahanists, including Fauci, arrived in Jaffa, one of the few Israeli cities with a Palestinian population of significant size. There, the Kahanists offered Palestinian passersby financial incentives to emigrate from Israel – a provocation pioneered by Kahane as early as 1972.

This state was given to the sons of Isaac, not the sons of Ishmael,” Kleiner said. We are offering them to evacuate willingly, in exchange for a suitable sum, and they can choose from one of the twenty-two Arab states at their disposal.” Tensions quickly escalated and led to physical altercations, before police forces arrived to defuse the situation.

The year after, Fauci traveled to Rimonim maximum security prison in central Israel to celebrate the circumcision of the son of Yigal Amir, jailed for life for murdering Israeli prime minister Yitzhak Rabin in 1995, in an effort to thwart progress on peace talks with the Palestinians. The circumcision ceremony took place on the twelve-year anniversary of Rabins assassination.

Fauci was photographed outside the jail, standing with fellow Kahanist Itamar Ben Gvir and wearing a shirt bearing the inscription Free Yigal Amir!” Lawyers who represented Amir and his brother Hagai, who aided and abetted the murder, included two American-Israeli Kahanist terrorists-turned-lawyers, Craig Leitner and Baruch Ben Yosef.

Two months after the circumcision, Fauci was photographed attending a lecture by American-Israeli Kahanist terrorist-turned-hate-preacher Gordon Yehuda Richter. Convicted of wounding six Palestinians when he sprayed the West Bank bus they were traveling on with machine-gun fire on March 4, 1984, Richter was sentenced to five years in jail. Three months after the shooting attack, Richter was nearly elected to the Israeli parliament as Kahanes deputy, when his Kach party fell just short of winning a second Knesset seat.

Justin Yaakov Fauci with Kahanist terrorist-turned-hate-preacher Gordon Yehuda Richter, 2008.

A decade ago, when a group of Kahanists working to evict Palestinians from their homes in the East Jerusalem neighborhood of Sheikh Jarrah looked to install in their stead Jewish residents who were ideologically committed to their dispossession, Fauci – then living in the West Bank settlement of Kfar Tapuach, a Kahanist hotbed – was a natural choice.

While Justin Yaakov Fauci may not be a fugitive from justice in the US, he is at the vanguard of a movement that means to ethnically cleanse the country, driving refugees out their homes, with the full support of the states Supreme Court. And that is criminal enough.

Justin Yaakov Fauci with Kahane movement longtime leader Mike Guzofsky, September 2014