Ex-CIA analyst on why he predicted John Bolton’s firing

Ex-CIA analyst John Kiriakou discusses why he accurately predicted John Bolton’s ouster as National Security Adviser; who might replace him; and the Democratic leadership’s anemic response.

Guest: John Kiriakou, former CIA analyst who was imprisoned after blowing the whistle on the agency’s torture program.

CIA whistleblower John Kiriakou predicts that President Donald Trump might tap Stephen Biegun or Douglas Macgregor to be his next national security adviser.

“When you look at at the quickness with which the 2020 election is approaching, and you couple that with the fact that Donald Trump has literally not one single foreign policy victory, he may be looking for someone who can help him gain that victory before the election,” Kiriakou said.

He also criticized centrist Democratic Party leaders for using Bolton’s firing as a way to attack Trump.

“I think that that so many Democrats are so desperate in their hatred of Donald Trump that they’ve come down solidly, squarely on the wrong side of this issue,” Kiriakou argued. “It’s sickening to me frankly to see so many Democrats lining up on the side of ‘the devil we know is better than the devil we don’t.”

“I have to agree with Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders that the world is a safer place without John Bolton being in a position to make these decisions of war and peace,” Kiriakou continued.

“I don’t care that we don’t have a national security adviser in place right now; it’s better to have nobody in the position than to have John Bolton in the position.”

“He actively tried to overthrow the Venezuelan government; he actively tried to overthrow the Iranian government; he actively tried to overthrow the Syrian government — and that’s just in the last year! So yeah, it’s better to not have John Bolton in this position,” Kiriakou said.