Israel’s relentless violence on Gaza met by global silence

A ceasefire has been reached in Gaza after Israel launched a wave of airstrikes that killed 34 Palestinians, including eight members of one family. Ali Abunimah of The Electronic Intifada discusses Israel’s latest bombings, which come after more than one year of weekly, deadly Israeli attacks on non-violent Palestinian demonstrators.

“The message we’re getting from people in Gaza is that ‘we’re going to continue protesting because we have no choice — what else can we do, stay home and die?'”, Abunimah says. “So people are continuing, and I think the question that should be directed to all of us is: What are we doing to act in solidarity with them and amplify their voices, so this horrific siege and the impunity that Israel enjoys finally ends?”

Guest: Ali Abuminah, co-founder of The Electronic Intifada and author of The Battle for Justice in Palestine.