Exclusive: Randy Credico, key witness in Roger Stone case, on Stone’s 40-month sentence

Randy Credico, a key figure in the Roger Stone trial, on Stone’s 40-month sentence and how Stone’s lies, free liquor at London’s airport, and media spin fueled endless Russiagate falsehoods about a Trump-Wikileaks backchannel.

Roger Stone has been sentenced to 40 months in prison for lying to a Congressional investigation of Russiagate and threatening a witness, Randy Credico. Stone falsely claimed to have a secret backchannel to Wikileaks, and that Credico was his source. Stone then tried to intimidate Credico into not contradicting his falsehoods. In an exclusive interview with Pushback, Randy Credico responds to the Stone sentencing and tells the real story of what happened.

Guest: Randy Credico, political satirist and broadcaster.