Andrew Cuomo is NOT bae: exposing the governor’s thuggish record with Randy Credico

Millions of dollars of free earned advertising from his brother on CNN can not cover up the real record of the politician known by average New Yorkers as “Governor 1%.”

By Anya Parampil

In the latest Red Lines, Anya Parampil takes a stab at New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo, who has emerged as the leading democratic critic of President Donald Trump on the national stage, with polls even suggesting voters would like to see him replace Vice President Joe Biden as the party’s nominee.

Parampil points out that Cuomo has been given hours of free advertising on CNN, particularly through interviews he’s granted to his litter brother, Chris, who hosts the network’s prime time 8 pm news slot. Together, the Cuomo’s have weaponized the younger brother’s experience with COVID-19 to boost the governor’s political brand.

To better understand the real record of Cuomo, Parampil hosted comedian and political activist Randy Credico, who challenged Cuomo for the governorship in 2014, and who has known him for years. Credico explains why Cuomo is nothing but a corporate and establishment hack, breaking down his record on everything from prison reform to Wall Street to Palestine.