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Bolivia calls to investigate OAS for fraud and coup: Interview with Evo’s Foreign Minister Diego Pary

The Grayzone briefly spoke with Bolivia’s former foreign minister under Evo Morales, Diego Pary Rodríguez. He called for an investigation into the OAS for fraud and backing a coup, rejected Juan Guaidó, and expressed solidarity with Palestine.

By Anya Parampil and Ben Norton


ANYA PARAMPIL: Do you think (Bolivia) will re-enter the ALBA alliance?

DIEGO PARY: This is a topic that, surely, the president, Luis Arce Catacora is going to consider, and, with an analysis of the actions he takes, he will make a decision about it.

BEN NORTON: What do you think about the attempt to install Juan Guaidó as the ‘interim president’ of Venezuela?

DIEGO PARY: Bolivia, from the very beginning, has rejected this attempt. We recognize constitutional governments, governments that are born out of the popular vote.

ANYA PARAMPIL: Are you going to have a role in the new government?

DIEGO PARY: It’s possible. We are part of the base; we work — in the campaign we worked in the social movements, and we are going to help where the president decides that we can help.

ANYA PARAMPIL: And what about the OAS? Is Bolivia going to stay in the organization?

DIEGO PARY: It’s possible. We have asked that member states of the OAS request a special investigation into the secretary general, because what has happened in Bolivia is fraud driven by the OAS, a report that was produced to carry out a coup d’etat in Bolivia.

That cannot happen anymore in Latin America, or in any part of the world. Therefore member states need to take actions and decisions so that this situation never is repeated, and never again hurt a country with a coup d’etat, breaking the democratic institutionality.

BEN NORTON: Do you think the OAS needs a new secretary general?

DIEGO PARY: I think, at the least, for ethics and for dignity, the secretary general (Luis Almagro) should take a step back.

BEN NORTON: And is Bolivia going to integrate itself again with other regional organizations?

DIEGO PARY: Bolivia, by its nature, is an integrationist country, and in this framework, I believe that it’s possible. We will promote, drive, and strengthen the integration of the countries of Latin America, the countries of South America.

BEN NORTON: And what about the relations between Bolivia and Palestine, and Israel?

DIEGO PARY: The Palestine cause is the people’s cause, and in this context, we will keep going with this cause.