‘We live in a right-wing country’: Malaika Jabali on Kenosha, rebellions, and the election

Reporting from Kenosha, attorney and writer Malaika Jabali on the protests over the police shooting of Jacob Blake; the free reign granted to armed white vigilantes; and how neoliberalism and dog-whistling are shaping the 2020 election. 

Attorney and writer Malaika Jabali reports from Kenosha, Wisconsin, where a 17-year old right-wing white militant killed two people during the protests over the police shooting of Jacob Blake.

“I think the problem is that we live in a right-wing country,” Jabali says. “There will always be ways to justify gun violence. But if you go anywhere else in the world, it’s absurd that you can have an armed vigilante just walking around with an assault rifle willy-nilly in public spaces like this. It’s absurd that we have police officers who just take out their guns for mild indiscretions or small furtive movements… [that] they will kill black people specifically for.”

Guest: Malaika Jabali. Attorney, writer, and Guardian columnist. 

Malaika on Twitter: https://twitter.com/MalaikaJabali

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