Pushback Venezuela Citgo Crystallex scandal

Behind the US-backed Venezuelan opposition’s massive corruption scandal

On Pushback with Aaron Maté, The Grayzone’s Anya Parampil explains how the Trump-backed right-wing opposition has essentially liquidated Venezuela’s most valuable foreign asset, Citgo, enriching US and Canadian corporations.

Video by Ben Norton

Read Anya Parampil’s report “The Citgo conspiracy: Opposition figures accuse Guaidó officials of ‘scam’ to liquidate Venezuela’s most prized international asset

Anya Parampil explains that “the Citgo conspiracy is the central piece” of the corruption scandal, showing “the true face of the Guaidó shadow regime.”

“It really just exposes the corrupt nature of the Venezuelan opposition, but also how US sanctions have enabled the theft of Venezuela’s most value international asset,” she said.

“It’s because those assets in the United States were frozen and turned over to this gang of officials claiming to represent Guaidó, while he meanwhile represents no material government in Caracas, that has allowed for, in the very near future perhaps, Citgo to be completely liquidated, to cease to exist as we know it, and for companies like Exxon and Crystallex to benefit financially from the Trump coup.”

Parampil added, “If they can’t win support on the ground in Venezuela, and they are never going to actually change the government, they can at least steal all of Venezuela’s assets, and essentially turn it over to US corporations.”